Between the steep slopes of the Accursed Mountains, at an elevation of 920 metres above sea level, you reach Gusinje. This segment of the route is easy, and opened throughout the year. Biking is recommended.

Length: 5.2 km

Difficulty: Easy

The spirit of past times remains still alive in the narrow cobbled streets, little shops, old stone towers and houses with small windows and porches richly decorated with carvings, as well as rich local customs and traditions. In the 14th century Gusinje was well-known as a caravan station on the road leading from the Adriatic coast to Peja and Instambul. Over time, from the initial settlement Gusinje developed into a wealthy commercial, crafts and administrative centre. Unlike most places in its surroundings, Gusinje was built in a planned manner. The entire settlement is concentrated around one semicircular street with a central square from where other streets lead radially, and at their ends they are connected with one circular street.

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