Discover how to reach the region by main airports near by, main cities and main localities in the region.

By Plane:

a) Podgorica Airport (TGD):

• 94km distance from Gusinje by car/bus (this route passes through Vermosh in Albania)

• 147km distance from Gusinje by car/bus (this route passes by Kolasin and Andrijevica)

• Plav is only 12.3km distance from Gusinje by car/bus

b) Tivat Airport (TIV):

• TIV is 82.3km distance from Podgorica by car/bus

c) Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa” (TIA):

• TIA is 170km distance from Lëpushë by car/bus

• 159 km distance from Theth by car/bus. Although you must check road conditions from Shkodër to Theth. You may have to go from Tirana to Shkodër by car/bus and then request a 4x4 vehicle to drive you to Theth.

• If you choose to start from Curraj i Epërm, you must drive from TIA to Koman, which is 113km distance) and then take the ferry from Koman Lake to Fierza Lake (2 hours journey). You should ask the ferry companies to arrange the trip from the Ferry terminal to the village of Curraj i Epërm.

• The same goes for Dragobi, TIA-Koman 113km; Koman Lake – Fierza Lake (2 hours by boat); Fierza to Dragobi 43.5km distance by car. If you prefer to drive all the way through, you can reach Dragobi by passing state borders: TIA – Gjakova(KS) – Dragobi 260km distance

d) Prishtina International Airport “Adem Jashari”(PRN):

• PRN is 88.8km distance from Junik by car/bus

• 71km distance from Pejë by car/bus

• 83km distance from Deçan by car/bus (this route although passes by Pejë)

By Main Cities

By Main Localities

If you are hiking Via Dinarica, the latter overlaps with "Accursed Cultour" as below:





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